The Lots Road Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum have today been formally designated by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning under section 61F and 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended.  

Welcoming the designation, Richard Jacques, chair-designate of the Forum said,

“The Lots Road Neighbourhood Forum has grown out of the desire of local residents and businesses to have their voice heard on new developments in the area.

With a significant local membership and an overwhelmingly positive response to the public consultation, the Forum has a strong mandate to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. We intend to ensure that all future development reflects the needs and concerns of those who live and work in the Lots Road area.

In the coming months the Forum will be developing policies and initiatives aimed at enhancing the character of our area, developing our green spaces and riverside environment, strengthening our employment zone, improving our streetscapes, and creating a safer, more thriving environment for all.  

The Forum is grateful for the positive response to our initiative from RBKC and our local ward councillors. The Forum is looking forward to building a constructive relationship with RBKC and all who are interested in the future development and success of the Lots Road area.”


The Lots Road Neighbourhood Forum was formed in early 2022 as residents and businesses came together to respond to a number of proposals for new developments in the area which they felt did not adequately take account of the views of the local community. Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the public consultation on the designation of the Forum, the Forum now intends to develop a Neighbourhood Plan so that local people can have a direct impact on all future development.

The sole objective of the Forum is to preserve, protect and enhance the distinctive nature and character of the area and to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being and quality of life of those living and working in it, through the development and implementation of a Neighbourhood Plan, recognising that the area proposed for the Forum is the only designated employment zone in Chelsea.

The Lots Road Neighbourhood Area is that bounded by the Kings Road to the North, the RBKC border to the West, Chelsea Creek and the River Thames to the South and Cremorne Road and Cheyne Walk to Battersea Bridge on the East. The area includes the Lots Road South site which has been identified as a development site by RBKC.

The following map shows the boundary of the Neighbourhood Area marked in red: