Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the public consultation on the designation of the Lots Road Neighbourhood Forum, we want to hear from all local residents, businesses and Forum members on what you think should be the priorities for the Forum’s work and what policies and new initiatives you would like to see the Forum pushing for in the months and years ahead.

We would therefore ask you to take a few minutes to tell us about your concerns,  your hopes for the future, and your ideas to improve our community. Your input is important, as it will form the basis of our discussions with RBKC and other public authorities over the future of our neighbourhood. 

Your response can be short and direct or long and detailed – a few words, a few paragraphs or a few pages. Below are questions to help stimulate your thoughts, but please don’t feel you need to tackle them all and you may just want to tell us what matters most.

  1. What are you biggest concerns about the Lots Road Neighbourhood Area and what changes would you most like to see?
  2. Safety and tranquillity. Do you feel safe in the area? Do you have ideas on community policing, the provision of CCTV cameras, acoustic cameras for noisy cars?
  3. Planning matters. Do we have the right policies and approach to basements, extensions and construction disturbance?
  4. Housing. What should be our approach to new housing, the mix of private, affordable rent and key worker housing? How should any new housing reflect the local area and architecture?
  5. Local Employment, and the future of the Lots Rd Employment Zone. What sort of jobs and businesses should the Employment Zone be targeting?
  6. Local shopping and amenities, cafes and pubs etc. Have we got the right mix? What should we aim to attract more or less of? What new policies or ideas could help to achieve this?
  7. Our environment and open spaces. How do you feel about our existing parks and green spaces, and how they could be improved?  Do you have ideas for more tree planting?  What ideas to you have for new open spaces, such as at Lots Road South and the waterfront sites?
  8. The Thames and public access. How can we safeguard the life of our Thames waterfront, including the houseboat community? How can we improve pedestrian access and enjoyment along the whole waterfront? 
  9. Traffic, parking, deliveries, charging points, local transport services and the proposed School Street road closures. What local policies do we need and what should be the priority for new infrastructure?
  10. Health and Access. How could future developments improve disability access? Have we got the right provision of healthcare facilities in the area? 
  11. Culture, Education and Heritage. How can we improve engagement with local schools and colleges? What new facilities, such as community spaces would you like to see? How can we bring to life the local history and heritage of our area?
  12. What are your ideas for new policies or new developments that could improve our area? 

Please send your responses  by Monday 27th June to:  

[email protected]

Or if you prefer to write, you can send your ideas to: 

Lots Road Neighbourhood Forum, 2 Stadium Street, SW10 0PS.


  1. Is there a chance that Lots Road could have a one way system for traffic? Despite the road being quite wide, I find the road being congested at all times of the day. This is a shame as the Lots road is filled with design display windows and perhaps makes it a less pleasurable place to walk through during the day due to all the traffic. This is caused by delivery trucks and large vehicles parking on either side. Could there be a specific time schedule implemented (if there isn’t already one) on when deliveries can be carried out?

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