Neighbourhood Forum

The objective of the Forum is to preserve, protect and enhance the distinctive nature and character of the area and to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being and quality of life of those living and working in it, recognising that the area proposed for the Forum contains both the only designated employment zone in Chelsea and important conservation areas.

Membership of the Forum has been built up initially as a result of individuals coming together to respond to consultation sessions held RBKC in relation to local planning issues and developments. The current membership represents residents and businesses from across the proposed Neighbourhood  Area. 

The Forum anticipates a growing membership, with an invitation to all local residents and business to play their part in this initiative. Alongside this website, the Forum will also use social media channels and a local WhatsApp group to strengthen further its communications with local residents and businesses.  

Ward councillors now and in the future are invited to participate in the Forum.

The Forum is also supported by the Lots Village Chelsea Association of Residents and Businesses (LVC). The LVC is accredited by RBKC and received a Gold award for Excellence in representing local residents, in 2011. It has a current membership of over 70 local residents and businesses, and it is open to all living and working in the area and in the surrounding streets. In its short existence of just fifteen years, the LVC has gained a great deal of experience in local planning issues having been actively involved in the issues surrounding the development of the Chelsea Academy, the Lots Road Power Station Scheme, the impact of the Super sewer construction and most recently the proposed development of the Cheyne Nursery site.  The LVC campaigns with local residents on issues ranging from local policing matters to maintaining safe and clean streets. It has encouraged greater awareness of the history of the area and played its part in the 2014 designation of the Lots Village Conservation Area. Mindful that Lots Road is the only Employment Zone in Chelsea, the LVC actively seeks to represent both residents and businesses alike.

The Forum is also supported by and includes in its membership, the Pooles Lane Residents Association, the Chelsea Reach Boatowners Association and the Cheyne Walk Trust.