Proposal to Enlarge and Illuminate the Advertising Hoardings at the Chelsea Boat Yard – Have your Say in the RBKC Public Consultation

RBKC is consulting on a proposal by a Birmingham based advertising company (Q10 Media Ltd) to substantially enlarge and illuminate the advertising hoardings placed between the entrance to the Chelsea Boat Yard and the entrance to Lots Road itself

It is proposed to enlarge the two hoardings to measure 13.5m x 4m and the second 9m x4m and that these should be floodlit with 12 floodlights.  Please see below a proposed view of the new advertising structure (taken from Q10 Media’s planning application):

We are asking all members of the Forum to respond to the RBKC public consultation, so that your views are taken into consideration for the request to be approved or not. The consultation will close on 18th November, so there is still time to register your views and to influence the outcome!

Concerns that have already been raised by local residents include:

  • Detriment to the appliance of the area. This type of advertising having a detrimental effect on the appearance of our beautiful part of Chelsea. It will be particularly detrimental being adjacent to our Conservation Area and our efforts to improve the attractiveness of the Lots Road area as the Chelsea Riverside construction nears completion
  • Public safety. A large, illuminated hoarding can distract drivers (going both ways) and impact the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other road-users.  This is a very busy junction just as it swerves north, with traffic joining it from Edith Road (and surrounding roads including Lots Road itself) with a new pelican crossing and we are concerned drivers will be distracted as pedestrians (especially children) attempt to cross the road.  We have had fatal accidents at the north side of Battersea Bridge and are particularly sensitive to the dangers in this complicated road system
  • The impact on views (from the neighbouring World’s End Estate as well as from the House Boats themselves) over the river.
  • The health and mental wellbeing of individuals as the planned illumination with 12 bright floodlights lights will add to the light pollution and lead to disturbed sleep, especially for residents on the World’s End Estate.  
  • Rolling back on plans discussed with RBKC to remove the advertising entirely and replace it with a green wall that would promote a calmer, more elegant environment more in keeping with the aspirations of the residents for our corner of Chelsea

We strongly encourage all residents to register your views on the RBKC Website – please click here:

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea | Planning

 Make your voice heard!